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tekijä: Ursula Anu Maria Kaari Viimeisin muutos maanantai 05. joulukuuta 2022, 13.47



1. Global education, global citizenship education

- Postcolonial theory and critical pedagogy

2. Social and Cultural Sustainability 

3. Critical Multicultural/Intercultural/Antiracism education

4. Themes around language awareness and translanguaging pedagogy

Other topics

Social justice/Injustices in education

Research areas around development education in collaboration with Tiina Kontinen: Education in Research group on critical approaches to sustainability, global education, and development

The degree programme of the student can be:

  • Education and Adult Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teacher Education
  • International Master’s Degree Programme
Maximum number of theses to be supervised according to your work plan: 10

Other selection criteria

The main language of the group is English, but applying the idea of safe space, any language that the participants feel comfortable with are used in communication.

I am available on 31 October at 12.30-14 (Zoom):