Halttunen & Risku (KLA) EN

tekijä: Ursula Anu Maria Kaari Viimeisin muutos maanantai 31. lokakuuta 2022, 12.00


1. Educational leadership both in the context of schools and early childhood education.
The topics of the thesis can vary but mainly there is a connection to schools or ECE. Thesis may also focus on educational policies. We prefer thesis using qualitative methods but the data sources may vary. Some examples of the previous thesis: The Role of Finnish School Principals in Inclusive Education Practice;
Developing Distributed Leadership in A Multicultural Context;
Putting Values-Based Leadership Approach into Practice: Readings of Jansen Kraemer, H. M.; Leaders facilitating innovation: leadership for innovation in a Finnish university in time of change

2. Pedagogical leadership

Thesis supervisors: Leena Halttunen (leena.halttunen@jyu.fi) and Mika Risku (mika.risku@jyu.fi)

Start date: Spring 2023

The degree programme of the student can be:

  • Special Education
  • Education and Adult Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Teacher Education
  • International Master’s Degree Programme

Choose which of our Faculty’s areas of research focus does your own research represent:

  • Wellbeing, learning and interaction at work

Maximum number of theses to be supervised: 5

I can supervise

  • Theses written in English individually.
  • Theses written in English in a group of English-speaking students.
  • Theses written in English in a mixed group of English-speaking and Finnish-speaking students.

I am available on 31 October at 12.30-14 (Zoom): https://jyufi.zoom.us/j/65570941490