Mira Kalalahti (OKL) EN

tekijä: Ursula Anu Maria Kaari Viimeisin muutos tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2022, 15.09


1. Guidance counselling (guidance counselling practices and cooperation)

2. Educational transitions (agency and career designs, educational choices, future envisions, education policies)

3. Equality in education (social justice, multiculturalism, equality of educational opportunities)

Supervisor: Mira Kalalahti (mira.m.kalalahti@jyu.fi)

Start date: Continuous application

The degree programme of the student can be:

  • International Master’s Degree Programme

Maximum number of theses to be supervised: 1

Choose which of our Faculty’s areas of research focus does your own research represent:
  • Education, teaching and interventions

I can supervise

  • Theses written in English individually.

I am not available on 31 October at 12.30-14 (Zoom).