Josephine Moate (OKL)

tekijä: Ursula Anu Maria Kaari Viimeisin muutos torstai 30. huhtikuuta 2020, 10.01
1. Language Education 2. Dialogic pedagogy 3. Comparative research 4. Pedagogical innovation


 Josephine Moate presents her Master's Thesis Topics on a video

1. Language Education
– issues related to pedagogical development in language education, teacher development, intercultural issues and children’s experiences of language learning, language aware approaches to education

2. Dialogic pedagogy
– research on pedagogical practice and  educational development that explicitly draws on dialogic theory 

3. Comparative research
– research that explores the cultural realization of education through the comparison of different educational settings and/or student and/or teacher backgrounds and experiences, culturally aware education

4. Pedagogical innovation
– research that seeks to critically examine different forms of innovation in education in classroom-based practice, teacher development or teacher education

Good to know: My thesis seminars are usually run in English, but students can write in Finnish if they wish and also draw on texts in other languages. 

Group starts: autumn 2020 / flexible starting 

Supervisor: Josephine Moate,

Applicant’s degree programme can be one of the following:

  •     Teacher education
  •     International students
Maximum number of supervised theses: 8