1. Content and language integrated learning, 2. Teacher development, 3. Comparative research/educational cultures, 4. Pedagogical development

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1. Content and language integrated learning

CLIL focuses on the integrated relationship of language and subject learning in different educational contexts. CLIL research can be approached from a number of different perspectives, such as the pedagogical considerations when integrating language and content, the implications of teaching and learning through a foreign language, how to support CLIL teacher and/or community development, stakeholder perspectives as well as learning outcomes.

2. Teacher development

Teacher development research covers a wide range of contexts (pre-and in-service) and can be approached from different perspectives. Teacher development is often approached through the notions of agency, identity and/or emotions. Teacher development can also be investigated as an individual or community-based phenomenon.

3. Comparative research/educational cultures

Although education is a global phenomenon, how education has developed and is implemented is dependent on different conditions in different contexts. Exploring these different conditions can provide key insights into educational issues and important considerations for the ongoing development of education and pedagogical initiatives.

4. Pedagogical development

As a concept pedagogy points to the heart of teacherhood, the idea of being responsible for and responsive to the development of another. Pedagogical relationships are present throughout education from the early years to adult education contexts. Research in this area explores what is involved in a pedagogical relationship, what enables or constrains, how pedagogical relationships are understood and/or realized within different educational contexts.

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