General information on the course

by Tiina Talvikki Kiviniemi last modified Jan 24, 2011 11:29 AM
Opening hours of the student laboratory, supervisors, contact information, etc.

Advanced laboratory works are done 20 ects credits worth, so that 5 credits are chosen from each Solution, Spectroscopy, and Computational package. The rest 5 credits can be freely chosen from the remaining works.

Independent laboratory work - measurements and written reports on each work. Part of the works are done in supervised small groups in the research laboratories.

Person in charge:

Senior assistant Saara Kaski
Nanoscience Center, room YN110
Tel: 260 2522, saara.p.kaski(at)

Student laboratory:

Tel: 260 2556

Supervisors: Room Tel. E-mail
Saara Kaski (SK) YN110
260 2522 saara.p.kaski(a)
Jukka Aumanen (JAu) YN240 260 2427 jukka.aumanen(at)
Tiina Kiviniemi (TK) YF510 260 2677 tiina.t.kiviniemi(at)

Opening hours:

The student laboratory (YF310) is open:

Autumn semester 13.9.-22.12.2010.

Spring semester 10.1.-23.6.2011, except during University Easter holidays, when the laboratory is closed 18.4.-29.4.

The dates and times for the works done in research laboratories and
small groups are agreed separately with the supervising assistant.

Instructions or descriptions for most laboratory works are available both in the student laboratory and in Koppa. Possible extra material needed is given by the supervising assistant.