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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

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I downloaded the e-book to my device but I cannot get the file open. What should I do?

  • Please check the table below to see that you have the correct software for your computer or mobile device. If not, download it.
  • Please note that not all e-books can be downloaded.
E-book platformReading program on computerReading program on mobile devices
Ebook Central, 
Adobe Digital Editions  (ADE)  Aldiko

I cannot read the e-book in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). What should I do?

If you receive the message “Error! Check Activation” or “Unavailable to download. Error getting license”, do the following:

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Press CTRL + Shift + D and choose Erase Authorization
  • Then click Help > Authorize Computer > Enter Adobe IDs OR select the option “I want to authorize my computer without an ID” at the bottom.

If necessary, download the e-book again.

I study at the JYU Open University and I cannot get the e-book open. What should I do?

  • Did you find the e-book via JYKDOK? If not, do a search there and try opening again.
  • For reading e-books, you must have a valid JYU user account (no library card required).
    • You can see if your user account works by using a test article.
    • If the test article opens, but you cannot get the e-book open, please contact the library.
    • If the test article does not open, ask for help through the HelpJYU service portal. The problem is likely with your login/username.
    • For more information about the user account for Open University students (e.g. registering a user account, forgotten password), go to digital services.

I am a visitor at the University of Jyväskylä, can I read your e-books?

Visitors can read the Library’s e-books on our so-called open-access computers.

Exception: The Ellibs e-book collection is unavailable for visitors.


Can I print the e-book or upload it to a flash drive?

If you are a JYU student or staff member...

  • It is possible to print according to the terms of the e-book supplier. There can exist a maximum page count for printing.
  • Uploading to a flash drive is often successful. However, you must download the e-book on a JYU device and it is valid for a limited time (1–14 days).
    • For downloads, open the e-book on the JYU device. Download or transfer the ACSM file to the flash drive.
    • NOTE! Charging e-journal articles on a flash drive is usually much simpler.

 If you are a visitor...

  • The possibility to save on a flash drive varies. Try to do so on the Library's open-access computers. If the uploading is successful, the e-book file will remain for the loan period (1–14 days).
  • If you managed to download the e-book to a flash drive, printing should be successful. There can exist a maximum page count for printing.
  • Printing requires registration with the Canon Print it service.
    • NOTE! You can print PDF, JPG, and TIF files from the flash drive only.
    • You can purchase print balance at the University Printing Services and the Mattilanniemi Library’s service desk.

Is there a wireless network (WLAN, Wi-Fi) available at the Library?

  • JYU students → please use jy-student network
  • JYU staff → please use jy-staffnetwork
    • Please see the website of digital services to make sure your device has the right settings to use the network.
    • Students of other universities → please use the EDUROAM network. You will find instructions for using Eduroam on your university’s web pages (e.g., on Google use search words like “University of Oulu + eduroam”)
    • In Agora, there is a wireless network open to all. 

I should mark page numbers in references, but the e-book I read doesn’t have any. What should I do?


  • In e-books, page numbers are equivalent to those in printed book only in PDF format.
  • If there are no page numbers or their place varies because of the screen scaling, you can refer to the chapter (according to the table of contents).
  •  You can also ask advice from the teacher of the course, thesis instructor, etc.

I am trying to open an Ellibs ebook but I end up on a wrong organization's login page.

In order to use the Ellibs Library service you will have to log in with your Haka credentials (your JYU username and password). In the Haka login window, you should select your own organization ("Select the organisation you are affiliated with.... University of Jyväskylä"). You may have mistakenly selected the wrong organization in the login window. Try clearing your browser's history and cache, and then try again.

I could not find any help for my problem in the e-book instructions. What should I do?

The library is happy to help you with the problem. Contact us by phone (040 805 3803), email (), chat (please see JYKDOK in the bottom right corner), Facebook or by visiting a service desk.