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Literature review

tekijä: eemakopo — Viimeisin muutos torstai 05. heinäkuuta 2018, 14.55

A literature review is an article or a part of a study, in which the author reports and analyzes central research and scientific literature related to the topic and the research questions of their study. Previous research with its concepts, research problems, methods and sources functions as a reference to new research. Previous research is vital in validating the viewpoints and importance of a new study.

In other words, a literature review is the theoretical framework that you will refer to and have a dialogue with in your study. Instead of a literature review, this can also be called the theoretical background or the theoretical framework of your study.

Your study is based on how research is conducted on your discipline: the theoretical reasoning models, methodology and the way to place research questions. As you evaluate, compare and comment previous research, you place your study in the field of study of the particular theme and your discipline.

A systematic literature review, on the other hand, refers to a scientific research method ,or a literature review conducted through the method. In a systematic literature review, information seeking is guided by a strict criteria. Careful documentation of the information seeking process, as well as the research process are an essential parts of the study.

You can start your literature review already at the beginning of the research process, as you get to know your topic. Notice, however, that all material you use when getting to know your topic is not necessarily proper for the theoretical background of your study. In part 2. in Library tutorial, you will learn how to choose scholarly and reliable sources.