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Library User's Guide

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© 2014 Arktinen Banaani and Pertti Jarla

Here are some features of the University Library. Most of them apply to all libraries in Finland.

  • You may freely wander around the library.
  • You may pick books from shelves for reading, copying and borrowing.
  • You may borrow as many books as you wish.
  • Borrowing and reserving are free of charge.
  • Self-service loan stations are available.

The following table gives you answers to the key questions about the library when starting your studies and work at the University of Jyväskylä.

Library card

Get your library card
No library card is needed to use online materials provided by the library.

How to access online materials (e-books, databases)

Remote access
Searching for a coursebook?
How to get it for reading?
Finding books from JYKDOK
Borrowing, renewing, making a reservation

Loan periods
, Reservations
Loan returns

Finding a dictionary Oxford English Dictionary
MOT Dictionaries

Finding books
Finding scholarly journals and articles

Finding Books
Finding Scholarly Journals and Articles

Learn to seek information

Library Tutorial

Study facilities Workspaces
Digital services

Client workstations
Wireless network
User accounts

Printing and copying

General info: Copy, print, scan
Print quota purchasing