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Start planning data management

tekijä: timapupu Viimeisin muutos tiistai 29. kesäkuuta 2021, 15.30


In the planning of data management, there are unfortunately no shortcuts or “simplified procedures” at any level of studies. However, on this course you will be guided in creating your plan through various examples and videos implemented with other students. You will get instructions for planning the management of data you yourself produce and that of archived data. 

Remember that instead of copying the examples, you should reflect on all the necessary stages from the perspective of your own research data!  

Now you can start the actual plan and answer the following questions, among others: 

  • What kind of data is your study based on? What kind of data do you collect, produce or reuse? 
  • How do you ensure the coherence and quality of your data? 
  • What ethical issues does your data management include, such as the processing of personal data? 
  • Are there restrictions on using and sharing your data, such as copyrights or access rights? 
  • How do you document and describe your data so that others understand them and that data processing is systematic and fluent?  
  • Where do you save your data and how do you make backup copies during your thesis process? 
  • How well is your data protected? 
  • Which part of your data can be published and archived for later use, and are you going to do so?

Create a data management plan

By completing the assignments in the following sections, you will simultaneously create a data management plan. The last assignment is to compile the data management plan into one document. Proceed through the course material and answer the questions based on your own research data. 

When the data management plan is part of your research plan, you can refer to it in your research plan, and vice versa. In any case, answer the course questions so that the teacher understands what you are talking about! :)