Data management plan

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1. Familiarise yourself with the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) website. Which RCR premises are relevant to your research data? Please explain why.   

2. How do you think the FAIR principles promote the goals of responsible science and research? 

3. Explain the difference between a research plan and a data management plan. Why should you create a data management plan?


1. General description and quality assurance of the data

1. What kind of data is your study based on? What kind of data do you collect, produce or reuse?

What are your research questions? What is your field of study (discipline)? Are you a master’s student or a doctoral student? These questions are usually not part of the DMP, but here they are to help the teacher understand you DMP.

Do not yet write about data protection or data privacy.

2. How do you ensure the coherence and quality of your data? E.g. how do you make sure the data doesn’t accidentally change as you process it?


2. Rights related to the data and copyright

1. What have you agreed on the use of the data, if you are working on your thesis in a research group or business partnership, or use data already collected by someone else?

2. Do the data include copyrighted material? What do you need to consider then?


3. Personal data

1. What kind of personal data does your research material include? How do you protect the research participants? How do you inform the research participants about the processing of personal data?

2. Do your research data involve other ethical issues?


4. Documentation and metadata

1. Write down the central metadata of your research, as applicable.


5. Saving and making backup copies of your data

1. Where do you store your data and how do you make backup copies of files during your thesis process?

2. How do you ensure data security when processing your data? Who has access to your data?


6. Opening, publishing and archiving the data

1. What will you do with your data when your thesis is ready? If you intend to destroy the data, how do you do that securely?