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Rights related to the data

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This material is expired! Please go to the new and updated Research Data Management guide for students.


Related to the FAIR principles of Accessible and Re-usable. 

The rights related to the data are a part of data management.  These rights include, for example, access rights, how the data may be shared or published, and who decides what is done with the data. 

Sometimes research requires a permit. Practices vary depending on the discipline. For example, to recruit research participants in a school, you need the school's permission.

If you are writing your thesis in a research group or business partnership, it is important to make a written agreement on the rights of the group members and on responsibilities for the data. For example, who will decide what happens to the data after your thesis is ready? This is important especially if you are planning to complete doctoral studies and to continue working on the same data after your master’s thesis. 

If more than one researcher is involved in processing the data, you should always agree on their rights of access, storing and sharing.  See JYU’s instructions for the management and publishing of research data / Procedures.  

The data may also involve copyright issues if they include materials that surpass the threshold of originality or constitute a database.