Art and Culture Studies

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To get started:

Clarifying questionBasicsFurther information
What exactly is your topic?
  • What is central about it?
  • What perspectives can be ruled out?

What are the key concepts?

What do you already know about the topic?

Introductory information, eg.:

  • handbooks
  • reviews
  • dissertations

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Library Tutorial / Systematic Information Search

Information search process (Kuhlthau)

What are You looking for? Your topic and the publication culture of Your subject / dicipline determine whether You are looking for articles and/or books and/or... Library Tutorial / Publication Culture
Where to find articles, books etc.? JYKDOK and JYKDOK/PCI Library Tutorial / Finding Books...
What about research methods? Eg. SAGE Research Methods Online Library Tutorial / Research Methods
How to manage your references? You have many options from easily lost notes to electronic managing, which in Jyväskylä University is by RefWorks; output style eg. ASA, APSA, APA, Chicago, MLA.

Library Tutorial / RefWorks Reference Manager

Also Open Science Curriculum

How to cite?

What about plagiarism?

Library Tutorial /
Citing Resources

Avoiding Plagiarism,
also Open Science Curriculum

See also Guidelines for Master's Thesis in the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy / References and Bibliography.


Options we offerContent
Library Tutorial Online material for self help 24/7.
Ask and Comment Online form, You'll get an answer in three working days.
Information Services desk Main Library, 1st floor, Mon-Fri 10-16 (Sat 11-16).
Open Science Curriculum General, eg. JYKDOK, reference managing, avoid plagiarism; Doctorate students etc., eg. Current topics for researchers, dissertation start-ups, Open Access/Parallel Publishing.
Book an Appointment Personal guidance in information searching.

Information services in library

Help in information retrieval

Library Courses - in English

Book a Librarian

For short questions:
-visit the Info Desk (Main Library 1st floor, Information Services)
-tel: 040 024 7463


Independent information retrieval

Using the Library provides a short summary of the services, collections and databases available at Jyväskylä University Library.

Library Skills Tutorial - an online course in English. It helps you use the Jyväskylä University Library and its information resources.