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Online resources are available via JYKDOK, the library database. JYKDOK provides access to databases, journals, e-book collections, dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, reference works and others.

Most resources are only available to university staff and students either on computers in the university network or via remote access.



  • FINNA is a union catalogue that has material of Finnish museums, libraries and archives. How to order books etc. from another library.
  • E-Book Central is a large e-book collection with books from all academic subject areas. These books are included in JYKDOK.

Scholarly articles and journals

Access more full-text articles in Google Scholar (no paywall)
Log in to JYKDOK with your Jyväskylä university credentials, find Google Scholar in JYKDOK and click Database interface. This lets you access Google Scholar through the university network and gives you access to more articles = articles purchased by the university library, Open Science Centre.

Keep in mind that

  • Google Scholar searches across different disciplines and sources, both scholarly and not scholarly.
  • You are not able to limit your search results to scholarly articles, which makes it harder for you to tell which search results are scientific and reliable.
  • The "Cited by" does not simply imply quality, but rather the impact of the article. The citation number can be high for example for conference papers that are freely accessible online. To evaluate search results, always consider the source: is the article published in a scholarly journal or is the text available through a pre-print archive, for example. Use Publication Forum to evaluate journals and decide which you want to use.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and handbooks

Help in information seeking

In any questions related to information seeking in Communication, please contact Tiia Puputti.