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Social Sciences and Philosophy

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To get started:

Do you want to do this more properly? See: Library Tutorial as a course (LIBESIS).

Clarifying questionsBasicsFurther information
What exactly is your topic?
  • What is central about it?
  • What perspectives can be ruled out?

What are your research questions?
The key concepts?

What do you already know about the topic?

    Introductory information, e.g.:

    • your discipline's basic works
    • handbooks (databases), e.g.
      • International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Elsevier)
      • SAGE Reference Online
      • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    • handbooks (books), e.g.
      • The encyclopedia of political thought
    • reviews
    • dissertations

    Use a mind map to define your topic and your search terms. Note also the search strategy required in the database you use.

    Use JYKDOK to find the resources mentioned on this page!

    Library Tutorial: Making systematic information seeking a part of academic work with the right tools

    In Library Tutorial:

    What are you looking for? Your topic and the publication culture of your discipline determine the publication type or types, eg.  articles and/or books, you are looking for.


    Suggestions where to find articles, books etc.

    Books: eg. JYKDOK and ebrary or Ebsco eBook Collection

    Articles / generic (wide coverage, poor specificity):

    • JYKDOK/International e-materials (deep web)
    • Google Scholar (surface web)

    Articles / multidisciplinary (eg. soc sci):

    • Academic Search Elite (Ebsco)

    Articles by discipline (coverage and specificity):

    • Philosopher's Index (Ebsco), Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts (ProQuest)


    • Search by name or topic in JYKDOK
      • Narrow Search > Format: Journal/Article > Journal


    • PressReader - to read your morning paper (90 days archive)
    • ProQuest Newsstand - to search articles



    • Help & videos in JYKDOK
    • Library Courses (general) > JYKDOK - e-resources and printed materials


    What about research methods and data?

    Mapping Research Methods -portal

    SAGE Research Methods, including SAGE Research Methods Cases

    Finnish Social Science Data Archive, Aila Data Service:

    • Quantitative and qualitative research data for theses, information on research methods and ethical and legal issues concerning research.

    Links in the Tutorial:

    How to avoid academic fraud, e.g. plagiarism?


    How to cite and manage your references?

    You have many options from easily lost notes to electronic managing, which in Jyväskylä University is with RefWorks; output style e.g. Chicago or Harvard, also APA, APSA, ASA, MLA.

    • Use the output style you choose systematically.


    RefWorks in

    See also (Soc.Sci.):


    Options we offerContent
    Library User's Guide Online material for self help 24/7.
    Library Tutorial Online material for self help 24/7.
    Ask and Comment Online form, you'll get an answer within three working days.
    Information Services desk Main Library, 1st floor, Mon-Fri 10-16 (Sat 11-16).
    Library Courses General: RefWorks (reference manager).
    Doctorate students etc.: research data, publishing process, methodology, dissertation start-ups, research merits.
    Book a Librarian Personal guidance in information seeking.

    A few more tips:

    Database, websiteContent
    MOT Dictionaries.
    PressReader Newspapers and magazines from around the world.
    Finland in Figures

    Statistical data about Finland, international comparison data is also included.

    See also what else Statistics Finland offers.

    ELKI Subject Gateway A true treasury of legal matters, politics and governmental issues. Information about the local and regional authorities in Finland.