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Searching the Spolit Database

tekijä: palvimak — Viimeisin muutos perjantai 16. tammikuuta 2015, 14.11

Start: Jyväskylä University Library homepage > NELLI > Find Database “Spolit”

Basic search:

You have the possibility to search in three databases: SPOLIT (literature), SPOFOR (research) and SPOMEDIA (media). If you don’t need all three of them, you can deactivate one or two.

  • All of the search fields are linked with “and”.
  • You can truncate using the symbols % or *.
  • If you want to use more than one keyword, you have to separate the keywords using a semicolon.
  • This database offers the possibility to do an alternative spelling search. To use it, you have to activate Fehlertolerante Suche.

You can either search the individual fields Person (Name, Vorname) (person (last name, first name)), Titel (title), Inhalt/Abstract (contents/abstract), Schlagwörter (descriptors), Jahr von…bis (4-stellig) (year from…to (4-digit)) and choose a language, Sprache, or you can combine different search terms in the first line, in allen unteren Feldern, which will enable to you to search all the fields mentioned above.

For every search field you can choose und (and), if you want the result to include all the search terms within the field or oder (or), if you want it to include only one of the terms.

If you want to do a descriptor-search, you can find the most important ones by clicking on the small icon behind the search field. Please note that the descriptors are in German only.

Advanced search:

By clicking on Zur Profisuche in the lefthand menu, you will find possibilities to do an advanced search. Within “Literatur gesamt” (> SPOLIT), you can limit your search to “Monographien” (monographs), “Sammelwerksbeiträge” (compilation contributions) or “Zeitschriftenaufsätze” (journal articles).

You can either use the individual search fields or the field Freitextsuche, which will search the fields title, person, abstract and descriptors.

You can find the Advanced Search for SPOFOR by clicking on “Forschung” and the one for SPOMEDIA by clicking on “Medien”.

Example of a basic search:

If you search documents about ”Volleyball in Finland”, type ”volleyball;finland” in the field in allen unteren Feldern. Next to the field you have to activate und. Then press suchen or the enter-key.

If you want to go back to your search and change some terms, choose zur Suchanfrage. To export all results, click alle exportieren. If you want to export selected results only, you can use Auswahl exportieren.

You can print, mail or save your result in a new window (PDF-file).


Compiled by Victoria Mayer 2003

Revised and updated by Ilka Schiele 2012