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Mapping Research Methods

tekijä: Tanja Tuulikki Välisalo Viimeisin muutos perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012, 11.37
A guide to research and research methods for Master’s (M.A.) students at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Research is a process, in which researchers need to make various choices. Making choices is an essential part of planning, and doing research. Mapping Research Methods focuses on showing how the following four key features of a research project are linked to one another within the philosophy of science: research aims, research strategies, data collection and data analysis. Mapping Research Methods is also designed to be an introduction to students to the processes of research and the significance of research ethics.

Mapping Research Methods is also designed to be used by:

  • students in independent study, to support the planning and writing of theses
  • teaching staff as a supervisory aid for students who are planning and writing research theses
  • teaching staff in research method courses
  • teachers as learning materials, as there are more than 100 exercises designed to increase students’ understanding of research projects.

The Method Map shows the full range of research methods. The Method Map consists of five groups of methods, each shown in a particular colour. Clickable links on the Method Map lead to more detailed explanations of specific aspects of the research process.

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