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Themes 3 & 4 Assignment

by kaparrot — last modified Sep 02, 2014 01:24 PM

Do both tasks.

1. Analysis (about 3 pages)

Values are important means of advertising. Choose an advertisement in printed or electronic media (TV, internet, radio, newspaper, magazines…) which, in your opinion, is problematic considering cultural values in an intercultural context. Describe the advertisement briefly and discuss its content and message from an intercultural point of view.

2. Observation (2 pages)

Observe one of the aspects (e.g. chronemics, proxemics) of nonverbal communication when being, for instance, among friends or in another environment/situation.

Describe what you observe.

Now do an experiment and try to break the rules of nonverbal behaviour for this aspect in a certain situation. (For instance, if you describe proxemics, stand "too close" or "too far" from someone and see how they react.) What happens? How did the experiment make you feel? What does the experiment tell you about intercultural communication?

(Note! After you checked the reactions of the people you observed, it might be a good idea to explain that this was just an experiment!)