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How to create course folders in English

tekijä: Rikupekka Oksanen ADMIN Viimeisin muutos maanantai 08. syyskuuta 2014, 09.39
Koppa Course Folders work now also in English.

In Brief

  • You may change Koppa language from the top right corner at any point. Language(s) of instruction:
  • If a course is held in English (=Language(s) of instruction: contains English in Korppi), the course folder is created to and it will have interface In English. All other features remain the same.
  • Courses held in English will be shown in lists on Oma Sivu ("My Own Page") and can also be found at

Image on the right: Opetuskieli (Language(s) of instruction)


A. What You need to do in Korppi

A. Join a group

  1. First, join Korppi-group called "Koppa-kurssinlähetys" :
    Please, scroll down to the bottom of the long list and press the button. 
    By joining the group, you will then see a button on every course you have in Korppi:"Send course data to Koppa".

B. Create Course folders

  1. Go to one of your course pages in Korppi.
  2. Click the "Send course data to Koppa" button and Korppi will create a "course folder" in Koppa.
  3. Wait for a few seconds for OK-message
  4. Copy the address that appears in Korppi (something like


B. What You need to do in Koppa

  1. Go to the address you just copied from Korppi.
  2. Log in to Koppa with your Korppi ID and Password. After logging in you can now see your course folder.
  3. Go to a folder named "Course literature".
  4. Select Add new --> File from a menu at the middle of the page. Select a file from your computer and save.


Repeat this for every file you want to add.

You may also add Pages, Images, Folders etc. You can also delete stuff, copy-paste it or rename it. Feel free to try!

The material added in Koppa is initially at state "visible for students". This means that the enrolled students may access it after logging in to Koppa. If You want to hide somethig, change content state to Planning (red color used).


C. Inform the students that the material is available in Koppa

  1. Give them the direct address to the course folder. You may use email or copypaste the address to Korppi, at course basic info page, URL-section.
  2. If Koppa is a new tool for them, remind them that they may log in using Korppi user id and password


How to copy/cut material from old Course folder to a new one?

It is really easy:

  1. Go to old course folder's Sisältö-tab (Contents), eg.
  2. Check boxes in front of the files you want to copy
  3. Select Kopioi (or Leikkaa, Copy or Cut) at the bottom of the page
  4. Go to a new course folder's Contents-tab, eg.
  5. Click Paste button at the bottom of the page. Wait until operation finishes (you will receive a short message).
  6. Check that the State of the material is set to "visible to students" (Colour blue)