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FILA510: Ethics of Global Responsibility

tekijä: Teea Tuulia Kortetmäki Viimeisin muutos tiistai 21. tammikuuta 2014, 11.38
Aims and content: The course studies the nature of collective ethical problems, which differ from “paradigmatic” ethical wrongs (such as physical violence) where the violator, the wronged party and the causal relationship between them is easy to establish. In issues like climate change, global poverty and inequality, the basic socio-economic structure of a society or the world order, or an oppressive culture, the nature of the violation is harder to grasp. What do considerations of justice, solidarity or responsibility require concerning these kinds of issues? What is the role of individuals or different collective agents, movements and institutions? The aim is that the student has the basic grasp of the nature of the ethical problems in question, as well as the central concepts.