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KEMV998: RE1: Biogas Technology for Renewable Energy Production and Environmental Benefit (JSS23)

tekijä: elkalesk — Viimeisin muutos maanantai 05. elokuuta 2013, 11.43
This course presents the fundamentals and most recent developments in biogas technology for sustainable renewable energy production. Anaerobic microbiology, biochemistry and reactor design are described as well as the application of biogas technology in municipal and industrial waste management, and in industrial-scale energy production from agro-wastes and crops. The concept of biogas production from food waste as second generation biofuel source, including collection, pretreatment and process optimisation, is presented with consideration of its energy and mass balance and carbon footprint for sustainability criteria. The different potential uses of the produced biogas and the digestate are also discussed, including environmental impacts and benefits on greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient recycling.