Reference images

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AFM reference images. In the AuNP images, the central dent is clearly visible in the topography and the measurement. In the CNT images, two tubes are clearly visible. The additional features are due to slight double tip nature of the probe that does not however bother the measurement. Roughness data of a sparsely populated region on the AuNP substrate is also included.
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Selected SEM images of the Ag and Au/Ag nanoparticles, as well as some carbon nanotubes. You can see small and large Ag triangles with a large one measured. The hollow Ag/Au particles test the unfortunately currently vibration-limited resolution of our SEM - you can easily see the vibrations (?) in the close up image. The eLine has been capable of much better resolution previously. There is also a pretty long CNT with some closeups of that and other tubes we found. All images were taken by the students of this course, thank you!