YFIJ104 Qualitative Research Methods in Labour Migration and Mobility

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Kurssi alkaa ja päättyy

26.04.2016 - 26.04.2016.

Kurssin sisältö

This workshop will introduce the participants to new qualitative tools and techniques applied in labour migration research. We will present and discuss the following methods: biographic interviewing, photo voice/ photo elicitation interview and go-along interviews.

There are three components to the workshop:

  1. An introduction to the methods with examples from ongoing research;

  2. In groups of five or more practice the methods in the session; and

  3. An open reflection session where participants discuss the methods, the literature and the advantages and disadvantages of using the method.

    Participants are encouraged to read the literature in advance and for those who have prior experience with these methods are welcome to bring along cases for discussion.

Instructors: Dr. Ajay Bailey, University of Groningen (a.bailey@rug.nl )& Dr. Erka Caro, University of Jyvaskyla (erka.e.caro@jyu.fi)