ITKST44 Kybermaailma ja kansainvälinen oikeus

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Kurssi alkaa ja päättyy

22.03.2018 - 18.05.2018.

Kurssin sisältö

The course will examine international law through cyber related problems and phenomena, and the ICT development and deployment as debated issues of international law.  The course will introduce the students to the main concepts of public international law. It will examine the relationship and interaction between international law and cybersecurity and end up currently contested and debated issues.


The course will focus on the following themes:


  1. Introduction to the course; Sovereignty and self-determination
  2. Jurisdiction and due diligence
  3. Friendly relations and cooperation
  4. Peaceful settlement of disputes
  5. International responsibility
  6. Prohibition of intervention and coercion
  7. Espionage
  8. Prohibition of use of force, self-defense
  9. Countermeasures
  10. Conduct of hostilities (participation, targeting, means and methods)
  11. Conduct of hostilities (precautions, proportionality)
  12. Neutrality
  13. The politics of International Law
  14. Current dialogue on international cyber/information security


The objective of the course is that the students understand how international law and the issues within and around it relate to the development and employment of information and communication technologies.


No prior knowledge requirements on international law or cyber security.