FYSS5402 Quantum Optics

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Course begins and ends

Jan 09, 2018 - Feb 22, 2018.

Course contents

Quantization of the electromagnetic field; coherence properties of light (field-coherent, squeezed & generalised-coherent states); electromagnetic field representation (P, Q, Wigner); detection and open quantum systems (input-output formalism, master equation); nonlinear optical phenomena (parametric amplification & squeezing generation); light-matter interaction (resonant fluorescence, lasing, optomechanics); quantum optics and quantum information.


At the end of the course, students will be able to investigate the quantum properties of the electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter with the necessary tools.


Prerequisites are that students are able to describe and analyze quantum many-body systems using second quantization formalism.



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D. F. Walls and G. J. Milburn, Quantum Optics