FILA510 Ethics of Global Responsibility

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Kurssi alkaa ja päättyy

31.10.2019 - 12.12.2019.

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The course studies the nature of collective ethical problems, which differ from "paradigmatic" ethical wrongs (such as physical violence) where the violator, the wronged party and the causal relationship between them is easy to establish. The course discusses issues such as climate change, global poverty and inequality, and war, examining the main concepts and arguments relevant in addressing these issues from the applied philosophy viewpoint.

Completion methods

text seminar, book exam and possible lectures

Students will gain an understanding of the nature of global ethical problems and their special characteristics. Students will become familiar with the basic concepts and arguments used in the philosophical discussions related to these problems.


  • Pogge & Moellendorf (eds.) (2008): Global Justice. Seminal essays.
  • Pogge & Horton (eds.) (2008): Global Ethics. Seminal essays.