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Kurssikansio MATS576: MA3: Markov Chain Stability and Applications This course will provide an introduction to the theory and applications of Markov chains over general state spaces. The course will start from the basics in Markov chains and then, using many examples taken from dynamical systems and from Monte Carlo methods, will gradually introduce some of the main modern concepts underlying the theory of Markov chains over general state space. keskiviikko 01. elokuuta 2012, 12.16
Kurssikansio KEMV989: RE2: Optimization of Bioenergy use The objective of the course is to give an overview of current bioenergy use and how to optimize future utilization. State-of-the-art technology in bioenergy will be reviewed, including: current topics of research and development, future aspects, unresolved problems and needs for further research. The lectures will be divided into the following topics: Future of bioenergy, bioenergy production in small scale, torrefaction, biomass combustion in fluidized beds, pellet production and use, gasification with related biorefineries and transport fuels based on biomass. Also the formation emissions and techniques for their minization will be discussed. Completing the course includes an exam at the end of the course and a homework exercise. Additional program will include a demonstration of biodiesel production from vegetable oils, as well as presentation(s) by local companies. keskiviikko 01. elokuuta 2012, 12.15
Kurssikansio KEMV992: CH2: Determination of Solution Phase Structures Although solid-state structures, determined mainly by crystallographic methods, continue to be one of the major methods for the determination of three-dimensional structures of molecules and complexes, in many cases these methods are not applicable due to the lack of suitable crystals. In these cases, the best alternatives involve the determination of solution phase structures by a combination of NMR methods and molecular modeling. The aim of this course is to introduce the students to the basics of both methods and especially how their combination can be used as a highly powerful tool for assigning and determining the structures and conformations of small molecules and their complexes. keskiviikko 01. elokuuta 2012, 12.15