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How to use assignments?

tekijä: hahemaol — Viimeisin muutos tiistai 09. huhtikuuta 2019, 13.15
How to use assignments and group assignments -functions.

Koppa was updated with new features with these principles in mind:

  • Koppa must enable the user to submit assignments
  • Koppa must include the possibility to detect plagiarism in assignments
  • Koppa must be updated with other new features which have been requested
  • Koppa must remain user-friendly also after the updates

Submitting assignments

 In assignment submission

  1. Teacher activates assignment submission in the course folder
  2. Student sees the "Return assignments" button and can upload files to Koppa
  3. Teacher can mark the assignment as reviewed

Students won't be able to see assignments which have been submitted by others. Assignment submission happens only between teachers and students. When teacher uses assignment submission in Koppa s/he doesn't need to use personal username and password to Turnitin plagiarism detection

  • Assignment submission is used only in those courses where the teacher has activated assignments
  • Plagiarism detection is always enabled when assignments are activated

Activating assignments as a Teacher

 Activating assignments

"Return assignments" button is visible to students (and teachers)

 Return box is active


How to activate Group Assigments

In 2015 we developed much anticipated feature to return assignments so that the whole group (seminar, demo, excercise group etc.) can see the returned assignment in addition to the teacher.  

This is how it works

  • As a teacher, make sure you have some groups in Korppi (seminar, demo etc.)
  • Update the data to Koppa to make sure the groups appear there too
  • Go to a group folder, e.g. Seminar -> Seminar Group 1 and press Actions -> Activate Group Assignments
Enable Group Assignments in Koppa
That's it!
Enabled Group Assignments in Koppa


Students can submit assignments

 Activating assignments

Plagiarism detection

Plagiarism detection:

  1. Improves the quality of information and research and
  2. Protects the files submitted by the student from plagiarism
Read more: Plagiarism detection in the University of Jyväskylä. NB! Plagiarism detection is also used in  Moodle. The plagiarism detection system used at the University of Jyväskylä is Turnitin. 

When a student submits an assignment to Koppa s/he accepts the use of plagiarism detection. After the assignment has been submitted to Koppa it's also submitted to Turnitin. Teacher will receive a plagiarism detection report regarding the submitted assignment from Turnitin within few minutes. Teacher can then view the report using ordinary web browser without signing in separately.

Student accepts the plagiarism detection contract when s/he submits an assignment.

The plagiarism detection report is visible only to the teacher and student himself.

Reviewing submitted assignments

Teacher can view submitted assignments in the course folder in a list format.

 Mark as being reviewed

Student sees his/her submitted assignments in his/her folder which is available from Own name --> My folder

My folder

Submitted assignments are visible in My folder

 My assignments

Teacher sees the state of the plagiarism detection and a link to a more precise report.


Plagiarism detection report can be observed in Turnitin without separately logging in to it.


Uploading files

 Upload function allows the user to upload several files to Koppa at once. This function can be found from folders, from View tab and under Actions.


Files are selected from user's computer and they can be uploaded in Koppa

 Upload several

Uploaded files are visible normally in the Contents tab


More diverse course information from Korppi

Koppa has the ability to get course information automatically from Korppi.

  • Beginning and ending dates give more information when the course is active
  • Contents, literature etc...

In conclusion: for student

Student can

  • Submit assignments easily
  • Edit submitted assignments before the teacher has taken it for reviewing.
  • Accept or decline the use of plagiarism detection
  • See own submitted assignments divided into their respective courses

In conclusion: for teacher

Teacher can

  • Activate assignments or
  • Disable already activated assignments
  • See the assignment submitting function and submit assignments (to test the system)
  • See the submitted assignments in a list format according to their states
  • Sort the list view
  • View separate submitted assignments
  • See the plagiarism detection notes and reports
  • View plagiarism detection report of a given assignment
  • Mark reviewed assignments by courses if necessary
  • Upload several files to Korppi at once. 
  • In future: get more diverse course information from Korppi

Questions, comments, problems?

In future Korppi will be able to update additional information and for example the beginning and ending dates of a course.

If you have problems with updated Koppa, don't hesitate to contact !