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How to use Remote Exam

tekijä: hahemaol — Viimeisin muutos torstai 24. tammikuuta 2019, 12.27
How to activate Koppa Remote Exam (etätentti).

Remote exam enables the user to submit assignments in a timed and time limited folder. Remote exams can therefore be taken anywhere with a computer and Internet connection.

This is how it works:

Remote Exam for Teachers

Best exam questions in Koppa are essays. Multiple choice exams etc. cannot be done in Koppa's remote exams. The students return their assignments as one text file in one of the most used formats (.pdf, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .odf). 

Please note! There is no way to monitor if the student uses other sources or people to help him or her to take the exam. So keep that in mind when creating the exam questions. 

  1. Make sure your Korppi-course has at least one group set as Exam group (Tentti). That group should be then visible at Koppa as a subfolder to the course folder.
  2. Make sure the students are enrolled to the Exam group/event in Korppi!
  3. Enable remote exam (Etätentti) to that folder in Koppa (Actions -> Enable Exam).

    Enable Remote Exam

  4. Remote exam can be timed to be visible during a certain period of time in a given time.
  5. Questions can be added to the remote exam and they will start being visible when it starts.

    Edit Remote Exam Questions

Remote Exam for Students

  1. Make sure you are enrolled to the Exam group/event in Korppi!
  2. A countdown clock shows the time to the beginning of the exam.

    Remote Exam Timer

  3. Students can return their exam answers during the time limit. A countdown clock shows how much time is left to finish. Returning the exam is a similar process as submitting assignments. Plagiarism detection is also available.
  4. After the time is up, the exam closes and the student is not able to return the answers anymore.
  5. Teachers can view all the returned exams, but the students will only see their own.

More information about submitting and reviewing assignments.