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Jyväskylän yliopiston Koppa

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Koppa Course Folders work now also in English

by Rikupekka Oksanen ADMIN last modified Mar 01, 2011 02:08 PM
Koppa Course Folders work now also in English.
  • Course folders in English have been implemented Feb 9th 2011.
  • If a course is held in English (=Language(s) of instruction: contains English in Korppi), the course folder is created to and it will have interface In English. All other features remain the same.
  • Courses held in English will be shown in lists on Oma Sivu ("My Own Page") and can also be found at

Image: Opetuskieli (Language(s) of instruction:)

Language(s) of instruction:


How to copy/cut material from old Course folder to a new one?

It is really easy:

  1. Go to old course folder's Sisältö-tab, eg.
  2. Check boxes in front of the files you want to copy
  3. Select Kopioi (or Leikkaa) at the bottom of the page
  4. Go to a new course folder's Contents-tab, eg.
  5. Click Paste button at the bottom of the page. Wait until operation finishes (you will receive a short message).
  6. Check that the State of the material is set to "visible to students" (Colour blue)


Koppa Course folders in English - full instructions