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Research Data Management

tekijä: timapupu Viimeisin muutos torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2024, 13.01

This material is expired! Please go to the new and updated Research Data Management guide for students.

Take the course or study independently

You can take the online course LIBEDATA Introduction to Research Data Management (1 ect). Or, you can study this material independently.

To take the course

  • Sign up in Sisu
  • You will be automatically added to the course Moodle page. Please read further instructions there.
  • Study this same course material in Moodle.
  • Create your data management plan and submit in Moodle. You will receive written feedback.

Please note that we give guidance in matters related to personal data, but you should refer to the university guidance. University is responsible for the official guidance. See Data privacy at the University of Jyväskylä.

Figure shows different documents related to research data, ie. research plan, information seeking plan, data management plan, and the stages of data management:    General description of the data and quality control    The rights to use and share the data    Personal data and copyright    Data documentation    Metadata creation    Systematic and secured storage of the data during the research process    Publishing and archiving the data after the thesis has been completed



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