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Study Online

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Welcome to Jyväskylä University Library's open access online learning materials!

By using these materials you can:

  • facilitate and speed up your studies and research
  • learn to critically evaluate information and pursue lifelong learning
  • update your knowledge and skills.
Library User's Guide Answers to many relevant questions about the Library when starting your studies and work at the University of Jyväskylä.
Library Tutorial

Systematic Information Seeking as part of academic work with the right tools:

  • Defining the Topic and Finding Search Terms,
  • Finding Sources, Refining Search Results
  • Citing and Managing References, ethics
Resources by Subject Databases in your field! Discipline specific themes and characteristics in information search.
Research Data Management How to manage research data in theses.

More about training that we offer: Teaching and guidance.
See also Open Science in JYU.