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tekijä: kaparrot — Viimeisin muutos torstai 06. helmikuuta 2014, 14.20

This course introduces you to the fundamental principles and issues of intercultural communication from an interdisciplinary perspective. It proposes to develop a perception of and appreciation for different cultural perspectives and values.

The course consists of a number of themes available through the links in the column on the left. You are required to go through the material (readings, pdfs, videos) independently, and complete the given assignments. See instructions for the assignments on the "Guidelines for writing the assignments" page.

During the course you will also watch some short web videos. In order to view the videos, you need the new QuickTime -player (at least the 6.1. version of QuickTime). You can download this program for free from the internet

If you have problems with the web videos, please e-mail to the Information Management Centre’s personnel ( If you have questions related to the contents of the course, you can contact the examiner.


* * *Instructions for students of the Open University of Jyväskylä * * *
The course includes online content and writing tasks (Themes 1-6). You can return your assignments for assessment any time during the validity period of your study right.  However, the assessment of returned assignments begins on the submission dates mentioned in the course information. Please see more instructions on Koppa learning material portal or Intercultural Studies service pages. If you have questions related to the course, please contact Educational Coordinator Riina Kärkkäinen

Enjoy the course!