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tekijä: kaparrot — Viimeisin muutos lauantai 03. elokuuta 2013, 21.14

Throughout the years there have been several authors and contributors working on this e-learning material. The original material was put together in 2006, and has seen minor changes ever since. At this time the main authors of the material were

Liisa Salo-Lee,
Sini Konivuori,
Irmeli Luoma,
Janne Laukkala
, and
Maria El Said.

In 2013, a larger re-working saw the material move from its original address to University of Jyväskylä's Koppa system. During this transition, the following people worked on the material

Marko Siitonen,
Kari Parrott.

In addition, there has been a number of contributors who have helped the material in other ways, such as providing readings or video lectures, or working as contact teachers and examiners. Without the help of these people the material would not be what it is today. Our heartfelt thanks!