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Making systematic information seeking a part of academic work with the right tools!



Systematic Information Seeking 

Systematic Information Seeking Framework designed in our library is based on Carol Kuhlthau's Guided Inquiry Design Process. Our framework has been designed for our students, with their much appreciated help and feedback.

Steps of systematic information seeking

  • Start your work with an Information Seeking Plan (word document).
  • Explore the subject matter to find out what is written about your topic in handbooks, theses and dissertations and in essential publications of your field. What do you already know about your topic?
  • What interests you in your topic? What kind of questions would you like to ask? Formulate research questions, define your topic and determine the focus of your research.
  • Use the main concepts of your topic to formulate search terms and find subject terms. Use a mind map.
  • Learn about publication culture and publication types in your field and seek sources accordingly.
  • Get familiar with the databases and other information sources in your field. Where can you find books? How about scholarly articles?
  • Choose search terms and turn them into search statements. Think of appropriate search strategies for each information source.
  • Carry out information searches.
  • Evaluate the results of your searches. Do you need to revise your search terms and search strategy? How can you narrow your searches in different databases?
  • Be critical of your search results. Are they scientific and reliable?
  • Save your search results so that you can go back to them when necessary and cite them appropriately.

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