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Internship instructions in a nutshell

tekijä: rtsaas — Viimeisin muutos torstai 30. marraskuuta 2023, 13.29
Here is a short description of the internship procedure

The aim of the Internship study module is for the students to practise and deepen their professional skills and intercultural communication expertise as well as develop insights of different career options. A part of this module is completed by orientation lectures and assignments. During the internship the student applies their theoretical know-how in real world professional environment.

The internship comprises a period of a minimum of 2 months of full-time work in an organization and duties significantly related to inter-, cross- or multicultural issues. Part time work can also be accepted as long as a minimum requirement of two months work is completed over a longer period of time. The internship organization must support the student by appointing a mentor to assist them during the agreed work period.

The recommended time for the internship is the summer after your first term, or the second year of studies. The students are responsible for finding their internship place themselves. You are encouraged to find a fully paid internship, but if that is not possible, check and look for options for financial aid.

Completing the Internship (10 ECTS) requires planning a learning contract before your internship and writing a final report 4-6 weeks after you internship. For more detailed information, please see instructions for writing the internship documents.

Before the internship, be sure to enter your internship information into the electronic internship service "Into". More information and detailed instructions for Into are available on the university's web site. You can use your university ID to sign into the system.