Library Tutorial as a course (LIBESIS)

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Please read the course instructions carefully! :)

Course instructions for LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking

How to enroll

  • Enroll in the course LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking (1 ECTS credits) in Korppi. 
  • In Korppi, you will find information about when the course is available.
  • Students at the University of Jyväskylä can take the course as an elective course. The course is available several months during autumn and spring semesters, for all international students at the University of Jyväskylä.
  • Finnish speaking students in JSBE (School of Business and Economics) attend their own course.
  • If the course is not available at the moment, you can still study the material and use the Information seeking plan.
  • Course description and learning goals in Library Curriculum

 Study instructions

  • You can take the course individually or in small groups of 2-3 students. We strongly recommend taking the course in a small group to gain the benefits of sharing information in order to learn the academic skills better.  
  • The course instructions apply also for studying in groups. A group will write and return a joint information seeking plan with everyone's names on it. Every group member should save the finished information seeking plan for themself for later use.

Watch the Course instructions video (in Finnish with subtitles) ( 2 min 31 s).

Choose English subtitles from the quotation mark icon below the video screen:

(If the video does not work below, use this link to watch the video.)

Your course task is to complete an Information seeking plan on your own scientific topic.

  • The plan is located in LIBESIS Systematic Information seeking course page in Koppa.
  • Login with your university username in Koppa:
  • Choose My Page and in Course Folder LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking.
  • Choose Information seeking plan in the navigation

  • Follow the instructions in Koppa on how to add and edit a new Information seeking plan.
  • Go through the Information seeking plan.
    • You will get an overview of the whole process and the different phases of the plan.
    • You can use your plan later on and apply it in your other assignments, e.g. when writing your thesis.
  • Choose an academic topic of your interest.  For example, choose the topic of a study assignment or an essay, the topic of your thesis, or another academic topic of your interest.
  • Study through sections 1-3 in the Library Tutorial material and seek information on your topic.
  •  Fill in your information seeking plan as you proceed in the material. 


  • Take a quiz and test your knowledge!
  • Complete your plan. Answer every question in the plan.

Course assessment

  • When your Information seeking plan is complete, submit it to the teacher. Follow the instructions in the front page of the Information seeking plan. Please note that you need to select "Send to review" to turn your plan in for assessment.
  • Assessment and grading according to the Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä 
    • Assessment: Pass / Fail
    • In order to pass, the Information seeking plan has to be filled in completely and appropriately.
    • You will get a short feedback of your plan.


Need any help? Would you like to ask something or get more instructions?

  • Use the ask and give feedback -form to contact the teacher of the course. We are looking forward to hearing from you, don’t hesitate to ask anything that comes in mind about the course!