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Library Tutorial as a course (LIBESIS)

tekijä: joahtika — Viimeisin muutos torstai 02. syyskuuta 2021, 11.51

Course instructions for LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking

Please read the course instructions carefully! Instructions are also included in the Moodle course page.

How to enroll

  • Enroll in the course LIBESIS Systematic Information Seeking (1 ECTS credits) in Sisu. 
  • The course is available several months during autumn and spring semesters, for all English speaking students at the University of Jyväskylä. You can take the course as an elective course, it's recommended for all.
  • Finnish speaking students generally attend the course LIB1THP Tiedonhankinnan perusteet.
  • If the course is not available at the moment, you can still study the material and use the information seeking plan.
  • Course description and learning goals in the study guide.

Study instructions

The course task is to complete an information seeking plan on a scientific topic. The course material is the Library Tutorial.

You can take the course individually or in a small group of 2–3 students. We strongly recommend group work – you'll have someone to discuss with, if there's something you don't understand.

A group will write and return a joint information seeking plan with everyone's names on it. Every group member should save the finished information seeking plan for themselves for later use.

How to complete the assignment

  • Log into Moodle with your JYU credentials. Find the course page.
  • There is a form for the information seeking plan on the course page. The information seeking plan has questions and tasks which guide you through the different phases of information seeking and help you recognize main information resources in your academic field. To complete the assignment, study the course material, seek information and fill in your information seeking plan.
  • First, read through the questions and tasks in the information seeking plan to get an overview of the process and the different phases of the plan.
  • Choose an academic topic.  You can choose the topic of an assignment or an essay, the topic of your thesis or another academic topic of your interest.
  • Study through sections 1–3 in the Library Tutorial material and seek information on your topic.
  •  Fill in your information seeking plan as you proceed in the material. You can use the links in the information seeking plan to study the course material. Read the whole question carefully. Answer every question in the plan. You are expected the study the Library Tutorial thoroughly and answer shortly. Base your answers on the course material.
  • Search terms, scholarly databases, evaluating sources and research ethics are some of the most important topics.
  • Complete your plan. You can use your plan later on and apply it in your other assignments, e.g. when writing your thesis.

Watch a video on information seeking (autumn 2019; 8:35 min)
00:00 How to find databases
1:30 How to search
4:40 How to access pdf/full text
5:15 How to find new search terms
6:10 Google Scholar

Library Tutorial contains links to outside sources – these offer extra insight but most of them are not necessary for completing the assignment.

The grey boxes highlight key points so pay careful attention to them!

Course assessment

  • When your information seeking plan is complete, it's time to turn it in. Follow instructions in Moodle.
  • Assessment and grading according to the Degree Regulations of the University of Jyväskylä 
    • Assessment: Pass / Fail
    • In order to pass, the information seeking plan has to be filled in completely and appropriately.
    • You will get feedback on your plan.


Need any help? Would you like to ask something or get more instructions?

  • Use the ask and give feedback -form to contact the teacher. Don’t hesitate to ask anything that comes in mind about the course!