Reader's guide for e-journals

by Tiia Marjaana Puputti last modified Dec 10, 2020 10:47 AM

What is available and how?

Almost all scientific journals the University of Jyväskylä subscribes to are currently available in electronic versions. You can search for e-journals in JYKDOK using the name of the journal. In the information on each journal, you can see the services the journal is available from and the subscription period.

The length of archives varies for journals subscribed to by the University of Jyväskylä. Always use e-journals via JYKDOK or download the Lean Library browser extension to your machine (Lean Library > choose organization: Jyvaskyla University).

Articles in subscribed journals are available online on the University of Jyväskylä network. For off-campus use, you must have a valid JYU user account. More information about remote access.

Why doesn’t the article open?

Normally, tables of contents, and often abstracts, can be read online freely, but entire articles are only available for subscribers. When you try to open an article in a journal that we do not have access to, you either receive an offer to buy the article or you are asked for user account of the service (= not a JYU user account).

From time to time journals may have free cycles, allowing articles to be obtained without subscription. However, these are only temporary benefits unless they are open access journals.

The “embargo” period or the annual limit specified in the user agreement may also be the reason that the full text of an article is not available.

Journals may also be temporarily absent due to an update to the publisher’s or library’s servers, etc. If you can’t access an article we should have, please inform the library.

Uploading formats

Most commonly, tables of contents and abstracts are in HTML format and entire articles in PDF format. Reading PDFs requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or a comparable application.


E-journal databases and their features

The services of different publishers vary. Browsing and search are the most conventional functions. Normally, you can choose between a basic search and an advanced search, and you can target the search at the article’s author, title, abstract, full text and so on.

The page of the journal usually contains a link to search all journals by that publisher as well. However, if you target the search at all of the journals, please note all of them are accessible: full texts will only be available for those journals and periods for which JYU has subscribed. Unfortunately, you cannot simultaneously search for content of all journals available in JYU. However, in discipline specific databases, searches are targeted at journals from multiple publishers (for more information: please see Resources by Subject).


Key multidisciplinary online journal databases

  • Taylor & Francis: Browse
  • ScienceDirect: Journals
  • Wiley Online Library
  • Emerald Journals
  • SAGE Journals Online
  • DOAJ, or Directory of Open Access Journals
  • Project Muse