Finding books from JYKDOK

tekijä: Ritva Anitta Pälvimäki Viimeisin muutos torstai 10. joulukuuta 2020, 10.33

Searching for a book:

JYKDOK: Search with the Title or the name of the Author or with their combination.

  • JYKDOK Quick Guide > "A particular book, thesis or journal" and "Author"
  • Pop-up tips behind the ?-icon during your search in JYKDOK.
  • Learn more on searching: Library Tutorial: Finding Sources.


 How to get it for reading?

The book is available in the library Pick it from the shelf Check the location from JYKDOK. See video guide: Course books.
The book is on loan Make a reservation Make a request in JYKDOK. See JYKDOK help: Holds and requests and video guide: Reserving a book.
It is an e-book Click the link Read more about e-books and how to download e-books.