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Finding books from JYKDOK

tekijä: palvimak — Viimeisin muutos maanantai 05. kesäkuuta 2023, 16.17

Searching for a book:

 How to get it for reading?

The book is available in the library Pick it from the shelf Check the location from JYKDOK. In JYKDOK, a book's location information is at the bottom of the page where the book's information is. Click on the book's title and scroll down. On the right, next to the availability information, there's a link that you can click to get a shelf number and a map. See video guide: Course books.
The book is on loan Make a reservation Make a request in JYKDOK. See help: Placing a hold and video guide: Reserving a book.
It is an e-book Click the link Read more about e-books and how to download e-books.