Finding books from JYKDOK

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How to find out the availability and location of a coursebook?
How to reserve a book on loan?

Searching for a book:

JYKDOK: Search with the Title or the name of the Author or with their combination.

See Help: JYKDOK Quick Guide > "A particular book, thesis or journal" and "Author" and see also pop-up tips behind the info-icon in JYKDOK-icon during your search. Learn more on searching: Library Tutorial: Finding Books, Journal Articles, Journals, Newspapers.

 How to get it for reading?

The book is available in the library Pick it from the shelf Check the location from JYKDOK. See video How to check the location and availability of a book.
The book is on loan Make a reservation Make a request in JYKDOK. See JYKDOK help: Holds and requests and  video How to place requests on books on loan and how to renew your own loans.
It is an e-book Click the link Read more about e-books and how to download e-books to iPad or PC.